Greydragn's Layr


A Cosmic Fluke?

That's apparently what occurs when somebody is 'doing nothing' and yet the company Web site is always updating. No, don't miss that job. I did like my work for a non-profit that funds cancer research (no, not that one), but somebody younger and cheaper is doing it now.

Doing content/migration stuff when I can. I also maintain the site for my chorus, Fortissima.

So What's This?

This is a Web developer's site, so like the cobbler's children, there are bare feet from time to time while I focus on other sites—or just lack of focus, temping is a soul sucking proposition.

What you will find here.

DC/MD Weddings? Yes, I am licensed to officiate at weddings in the District of Columbia and the State of Maryland.

Music compositions and arrangements.

Words mosty short prose, some poetry.

Travel on Highway 50 coast to coast with photos and commentary from our July/August 2012 trip.

Knock yourself out!